MEET Scott!

Board Member and Director of Construction and Facilities Management

Scott Kramer
Expertise: Software and Construction
Passion: Making a Difference, One Person at a Time

Scott has been with JDA Software since 1994, and he’s currently a director in their product management organization. He’s responsible for client communications, product strategy, and product design specification. Before joining JDA, Scott was as a general contractor, working from raw land through to finished houses.

On the Board, Scott is in charge of facilities management and long-term strategy for both the orphanage and the Montrouis community. After several other mission trips, Scott found Eden Garden Orphanage and was impressed with the opportunity to bring lasting hope and change lives. He loves the challenge of helping an entire community, one person at a time – through the school, supplying clean water, and providing citizens the critical care they need. Scott says, “I’ve been there several times now, and each time I see the difference that Eden Garden is making in people’s lives.”

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