MEET Caryn!

Director of Communications and Administration

Caryn Brion Wooster
Expertise: Business Organization
Passion: The Dreams and Future of Haiti’s Children

Caryn’s love for helping people became a lifestyle in 1991. After earning a marketing degree, she immersed herself in missions by living in a remote village for a year on Mindoro Island, Philippines, where people were still hunters and gatherers.

When her husband, Dave, was asked to chair the Eden Garden Orphanage Board, Caryn made it a family affair. She covers accounting, correspondence, and other administrative tasks, but also works with Dave to coordinate volunteers for Eden Garden. Caryn is devoted to everything related to the health and welfare of the children.

“As a mother of two,” Caryn says, “what keeps me going back to Haiti are our 37 kids at Eden Garden. Dave and I took personal responsibility for their welfare through the Board. Each child is a part of our family. I want them to feel loved and cared for, and I want them to believe that they have a future.”

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