Board of directors: Servant Leaders      

Board members visit often and keep in touch with our leaders and staff on the ground.   Led by Dave Wooster, Chairman and Executive Director, the Board’s job is to listen and learn, ask how we can help, think and plan, and then respond and serve. No board members are compensated.

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Staff on the Ground: Haitians Helping Haitians

As lasting change happens when local community members lead change, we follow the principle of Haitians helping Haitians. We support our dedicated leaders and staff in the Montrouis community who run the daily operations and mission of Eden Garden Orphanage.  Led by Jean Claude Monasse, they provide much-needed stability and consistency for our children in a community of chaos. 

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Project Leads: Mission Focused Volunteers

As volunteer leaders in America, we contribute skills and talents to solve problems identified by our leaders on the ground.  We don’t receive a penny of funds from the public.  Not a penny.

Using personal vacation time for mission trips to Montrouis, we serve our staff on the ground and lead teams to accomplish goals and objectives outlined by the board. 

When appropriate, we collaborate with non-government organizations with experience in medical clinics, education, water well drilling, food distribution, solar energy, and other projects.  

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