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We put 100% of your gifts to work in Haiti

OUR 100% PROMISE -- We send 100% of public donations directly to help people in need.

Yes!  100% of your donations directly fund the mission and operations of Eden Garden Orphanage in Montrouis, Haiti.

Our private donors reimburse us for credit card fees and other charges for online gifts and cover administrative expenses.  Our volunteers pay for their own travel expenses while serving on mission trips.

And of course, 100% of your donations are tax-deductible since we are registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Click here>> to see the latest impact volunteers are making on the lives of children in Eden Garden Orphanage.

Your gifts have personal, immediate impact

Every single penny you donate makes a difference to our children and the people living in Montrouis. 

This is what your gift will help us continue:

  1. Free residential, medical, and education services to 37 orphaned or abandoned children.
  2. Free education for grades K-6 to 150 or more children from the community.
  3. Free services to Montrouis residents through our medical clinics, food distribution, clean water distribution, clothing distribution, construction and home repair.

Click to see 10 tangible results from your gifts

  1. Operations and salaries of leaders and staff, which includes Eden Garden Academy.
  2. Installing security barbed wire on 10-foot walls to protect children and staff from hostile intruders or those who want to steal from the Orphanage.
  3. Installing solar panels so children can have electric fans in classrooms and dormitories.
  4. Purchasing food supplies and arranging transportation to distribute food to people outside Eden Garden.
  5. Building new desks to replace the old ones in Eden Garden Academy.
  6. Water well drilling to provide clean water for the Orphanage and Academy – and to the community outside Eden Garden, free of charge.
  7. Providing medical care, supplies and medicines for Eden Garden Medical Clinic, plus medical clinic outreach to serve remote communities.
  8. Building new bathrooms for Eden Garden Academy so children and staff can stop using primitive latrines.
  9. Creating a new kitchen so cooks can prepare food in clean facilities.
  10. Providing tools and supplies to help volunteers maintain Orphanage facilities, as well as fix homes and roofs in the surrounding communities.

To see the personal impact we made in Montrouis, click here for January and June Trip Logs.