This picture below is what our house looks like before these trips - notice my stowaways as they devise a plan to finally get to Haiti! For me, the hardest part of these trips are to leave behind my kids. They are happy that we go, even though they are sad for us to leave home, because my kids love the kids at Eden Garden even though they've never even met them. They pray for them every day, and see them as a part of our family. Both of them are just waiting for the day they can join us - it can't come soon enough for them!

This time, we are a group of 21 headed to the Eden Garden Orphanage from Jan 10-16, 2012. Eight people are members of New Hope Church, the rest are friends, co-workers, family and even a neighbor of ours! 2 people are also coming from the Sonlight Power Company to help with the long-awaited solar power installation project. We have a medical team, a construction team, the solar team, a gardening duo and a few others that will float around and fit in where needed. We are looking forward to a good and meaningful trip - it's always an adventure in Haiti!

Please check back here daily for the latest updates - internet access is only available for us in the evening at a slow and frustrating pace, so we ask for your patience in advance :o)