Dear Dream Team

I have been waiting until tonight to try to come up with the words to say to all of you for all that you gave last week. As I sit here by the fire on a comfortable couch, in a nice warm home, with a full belly and a glass of water with ice in it.... I am struck by the contrast.

I pray that all of you have been able to adjust to life back here in the land of abundance. It is always hard for me and I am glad for that, although at this time next week I'm sure life will be trucking along. I want to echo some things my sis said to you below.

It truly was an honor to serve beside each of you. Some of you I know well and some of you were total strangers.

Not anymore..... I know I said it in the bus on our way to Port-Au-Prince but I want to say it again. God truly assembled the "Dream team" for this trip.

Our kids, our staff, our students, our community of Montrouis will never be the same.

Each of you left your mark. Each of you left all of those people better than you found them. Each night after dinner I was blown away at all that was happening. It seemed each night got more and more amazing with the "God sightings" becoming more and more prevalent.

Last night, I spoke to Jean Claude, our director on the ground. I wanted to give you all a few updates since our departure.

Jean Claude and all of our kids are sleeping each night with fans blowing on them now which makes it SO much more comfortable for them. (thanks to the solar and electrical teams)

Our students are attending school in COOL rooms now!! (thanks Ron and team)

42 children have the pride of sitting in new desks for their schooling. (Thanks Sean and team)

Now no matter what faucet our kids or staff get water from... they are drinking the CLEAN water!! (Thank you Marcel, Scott, Misael and team!!)

Tonight Mischu KNOWS beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is loved. (Thank you Arden, Charles, Elizabeth and medical team)

The Raymon's are sleeping tonight with no fear of the water or the wind coming into their home. (Thank you Kurt, Sean and Arden)

Children are playing with their toys and wearing their new outfits they received for Christmas. (Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and Scott for giving and wrapping all the presents.)

Tonight there are kids with burns that are healing... (Thank you Ed and Elizabeth)

Tonight there is a grandmother that at least for one day knew what it felt like to have people care for her needs. (Thank you Glenn, Ron, Elizabeth, Sean and team)

Tonight there are 600+ patients that are sleeping better and on the mend because you saw them.. you cared for them... and you helped them... (Thank you Mary, Erin, Stacey, Ed, Elizabeth, Caryn, Benny and all of the support staff)

Tonight I can say that since we have left.......THE GENERATOR HAS NEVER BEEN RUN!!!!! We have had 24 X 7 power!!!! Power from the SON and from the SUN!! (Thank you

Terri, Dad, Misael, Kurt, Scott, Sean, Ron, Marcel) This changes everything!

Tonight our compound is secure and Johnny has been very calm and humble in his interactions with Jean Claude. (Thank you Arden, Glenn, Charles, Marcel and Elizabeth for your leadership in helping me through that difficult process) Jean Claude described him as meek like a lamb now. Our God is so good.

Tonight people can read our blog and see pictures and updates that continue to be posted even today. (Thank you Caryn for your late nights in keeping those who love us and the total strangers that get a view into this experience through pictures and stories.)

LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL..... Tonight there are 37 kids sleeping that KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are special, they matter and that they are loved..... YOU DID THAT... God did that through each one on you. Thank you!

YOU are all FAMILY now. You have made your way into our hearts and Eden Garden and we will never be the same. Thank you for your sacrifice for us, our staff, our community and most of all... our kids!

NOW.... what's next...... WHO'S WITH US? smiley

We love you,
Dave and Caryn

PS: Continue to check the trip log as Caryn is posting additional content.