19 Jan

Day 4: Saturday


Written by Stacey Torrens/Tampa, FL

Today, we attended church, went to the beach and celebrated Christmas with the kids! Who could ask for more in a day?

Marty, (also known as “the mayor of Montrouis”), arranged for us to use the beachfront access on the property of another organization, so we swam, snorkeled and relaxed with the kids in the sunshine for a few hours. Then we went back to our hotel, took a quick shower, then went back to Eden Garden Orphanage where the children were already gathered under the open air pavilion (chacoon) and patiently awaiting Christmas and the distribution of presents. We were lucky enough to be a part of Christmas with our kids for the second time, again because of container shipments/vehicles that were sent over and didn’t arrive until right before our visits.

First though, we received their gift to us: a prepared show of songs and yes, modeling. Our response to their gift was given by Dave, who told the children five important words: “We love you very much”.

Each child was then given a (“ThirtyOne” brand that I sell) bag that had their names embroidered on and filled with candy, sunglasses, flashlights, cars and other toys. To watch them clutch their bag to their little chests, look at their name and touch it as if relishing that it was something of their very own – goal achieved.

The children then each received a wrapped gift, many of which had been donated by team and non-team members.

Matchbox car - $1.00.  Babydoll - $8.99.

The smiles and laughter of 37 children – priceless.