What we are:

It's really quite simple.  Eden Garden Orphanage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving 37 orphans living in our safe and protected campus in Montrouis, Haiti.  We rescue, restore, and rebuild lives of orphans who would not survive outside our walls.

We also educate over 150 children from the community who attend our school free of charge, and we serve the community outside Eden Garden Orphanage with free medical and dental care, clean water, food, and home repair. 

And most importantly, we depend on people who live and give generously to help us achieve our mission.  Click here for a two-minute snapshot  >>

What we strive for:

Our vision and mission center on the theme, “Building Paths of Hope.”

Our vision:  As a launching pad of service, Eden Garden Orphanage will create paths of hope that equip our children to serve others.

Our mission:  To love our children and empower them to escape poverty and become productive adults.  To love and serve our neighbors and improve the quality of their lives.

Building Paths of Hope means:

Demonstrating love and creating an atmosphere for children to experience love.

Creating development plans and providing education and skills to work as productive adults.

Offering role models and values to children who may never have known life in a loving family.